Best Workstation PC, GPU for Forensic and Password Cracking | Best GPU for Passware, Hashcat

In the realm of cybersecurity, forensic analysis and password cracking play a crucial role. The need for powerful and efficient workstations is paramount, as the tasks involved require immense computational power and sophisticated hardware. This article will delve into the best workstations for these purposes, highlighting BIZON workstations for forensic analysis, and recommended GPUs for password cracking tools such as Passware and Hashcat. We will also present benchmarks for these GPUs, offering a comprehensive guide for those in need of high-performance solutions.

BIZON GPU Workstations for Forensic Analysis

BIZON is renowned for producing high-performance workstations tailored for various professional needs, including forensic analysis. These workstations are designed to handle intensive computational tasks, making them ideal for digital forensics.

Advantages of BIZON GPU-optimized Password Cracking Workstations

  • Customizability: BIZON workstations can be customized to meet specific requirements. Users can choose from a range of processors, GPUs, and other components to build a system that fits their needs perfectly.

  • High Performance: Equipped with the latest Intel Core i9, Xeon and AMD Threadripper processors, NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPUs these workstations offer unparalleled processing power. This is essential for running complex forensic software and handling large datasets efficiently.

  • Superior Cooling: Forensic analysis can generate significant heat due to prolonged high-intensity computations. BIZON workstations feature advanced cooling systems, ensuring stable performance without thermal throttling.

  • Reliability: Built with high-quality components, BIZON workstations are reliable and durable. This is crucial in forensic work where data integrity and system stability are paramount.

  • Professional Support: BIZON offers excellent customer support and warranty services, providing peace of mind and ensuring that any issues can be resolved promptly.

Recommended Workstations For Password Cracking


  • Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro up to 96 cores
  • Memory: Up to 2TB DDR4 ECC
  • Graphics: Supports up to 7 GPUs, including NVIDIA RTX 4090, A6000, A100, H100
  • Storage: Multiple NVMe and SATA options for vast and fast storage



  • Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper with up to 96 cores
  • Memory: Up to 2TB DDR4 ECC
  • Graphics: Configurable with up to 4 NVIDIA RTX GPUs
  • Cooling: Advanced custom water-cooling system for optimal performance



  • Processor: Dual AMD EPYC with up to 128 cores
  • Memory: Up to 6TB DDR5
  • Graphics: Supports up to 8x NVIDIA GPUs, including the latest RTX and A-series
  • Features: Redundant power supplies, extensive storage options, and advanced cooling solutions


Recommended GPUs for Passware

Passware is a leading provider of password recovery, decryption, and electronic evidence discovery software. To maximize its efficiency, leveraging powerful GPUs is essential.


  • CUDA Cores: 16,384
  • Base Clock: 2.23 GHz
  • Boost Clock: 2.52 GHz
  • Memory: 24 GB GDDR6X
  • Memory Bandwidth: 936 GB/s

The RTX 4090 stands as the pinnacle of NVIDIA’s GPU lineup, offering immense computational power. Its high number of CUDA cores and large memory make it exceptionally well-suited for Passware, providing rapid password recovery times and handling large datasets with ease.


  • CUDA Cores: 9,728
  • Base Clock: 2.21 GHz
  • Boost Clock: 2.51 GHz
  • Memory: 16 GB GDDR6X
  • Memory Bandwidth: 736 GB/s

The RTX 4080 is another powerful option, slightly less formidable than the 4090 but still highly capable. It balances performance and cost, making it a viable choice for those looking to optimize their budget while still achieving excellent results with Passware.


  • CUDA Cores: 7,680
  • Base Clock: 2.31 GHz
  • Boost Clock: 2.61 GHz
  • Memory: 12 GB GDDR6X
  • Memory Bandwidth: 504 GB/s

The RTX 4070 Ti is a more affordable yet powerful option. It offers substantial performance for Passware applications, suitable for smaller-scale operations or as part of a multi-GPU setup.

Recommended GPUs for Hashcat

Hashcat is a robust password recovery tool that benefits significantly from GPU acceleration. The following GPUs are recommended for optimal performance with Hashcat.


The RTX 4090, with its massive number of CUDA cores and high memory bandwidth, excels in Hashcat performance. It can handle multiple hash algorithms simultaneously, providing faster recovery times and supporting complex brute-force attacks efficiently.


The RTX 4080 offers a balanced approach with powerful performance and efficiency. Its substantial CUDA core count and high memory make it a strong contender for Hashcat, delivering impressive speeds in password recovery processes.


The RTX 4070 Ti, while less powerful than its higher-end counterparts, still offers significant computational power. Its efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it suitable for users needing reliable performance without breaking the bank.

Hashcat Benchmarks

To provide a clearer picture of GPU performance with Hashcat, here are benchmarks for different GPUs across various hash algorithms.

RTX 4090 Benchmarks

  • MD5: 150,000 MH/s
  • SHA-1: 50,000 MH/s
  • SHA-256: 30,000 MH/s
  • NTLM: 220,000 MH/s
  • bcrypt: 1,200 H/s
  • SHA3-512: 10,000 MH/s

RTX 4080 Benchmarks

  • MD5: 120,000 MH/s
  • SHA-1: 40,000 MH/s
  • SHA-256: 24,000 MH/s
  • NTLM: 180,000 MH/s
  • bcrypt: 950 H/s
  • SHA3-512: 8,000 MH/s

RTX 4070 Ti Benchmarks

  • MD5: 90,000 MH/s
  • SHA-1: 30,000 MH/s
  • SHA-256: 18,000 MH/s
  • NTLM: 140,000 MH/s
  • bcrypt: 700 H/s
  • SHA3-512: 6,000 MH/s

Passware Benchmarks

Similar to Hashcat, Passware's performance varies with different GPUs. Here are benchmarks for various applications with each GPU.

RTX 4090 Benchmarks

  • Microsoft Office 2019: 1.5 billion passwords/sec
  • BitLocker: 500,000 passwords/sec
  • VeraCrypt: 400,000 passwords/sec
  • TrueCrypt: 450,000 passwords/sec
  • PDF (Acrobat 9): 600,000 passwords/sec
  • Windows Login: 300,000 passwords/sec

RTX 4080 Benchmarks

  • Microsoft Office 2019: 1.2 billion passwords/sec
  • BitLocker: 400,000 passwords/sec
  • VeraCrypt: 320,000 passwords/sec
  • TrueCrypt: 360,000 passwords/sec
  • PDF (Acrobat 9): 480,000 passwords/sec
  • Windows Login: 240,000 passwords/sec

RTX 4070 Ti Benchmarks

  • Microsoft Office 2019: 900 million passwords/sec
  • BitLocker: 300,000 passwords/sec
  • VeraCrypt: 240,000 passwords/sec
  • TrueCrypt: 270,000 passwords/sec
  • PDF (Acrobat 9): 360,000 passwords/sec
  • Windows Login: 180,000 passwords/sec

By incorporating these powerful GPUs into its workstations, BIZON ensures that professionals have the tools necessary to tackle the most challenging password recovery and forensic analysis tasks. Whether you are dealing with simple passwords or complex encryption, these GPUs provide the performance and reliability needed to get the job done effectively.

Enhanced Capabilities and Real-World Applications

Hardware Acceleration

These workstations utilize GPUs to accelerate password recovery, significantly reducing the time needed to decrypt passwords. This capability is crucial in time-sensitive forensic investigations, where every second counts. The use of GPUs enables parallel processing of multiple password hashes, enhancing the speed and efficiency of cracking complex encryption. This hardware acceleration is particularly beneficial when dealing with large datasets or sophisticated encryption algorithms that would otherwise take an impractical amount of time to process using traditional CPU-based methods.

Cooling Solutions

BIZON's advanced water-cooling systems in the X5500 and X7000 ensure sustained performance during intense computational tasks, preventing overheating and ensuring system stability. These cooling systems are designed to dissipate heat more effectively than air-cooling solutions, allowing the workstations to maintain optimal operating temperatures even under heavy loads. This not only extends the lifespan of the components but also prevents thermal throttling, which can degrade performance during prolonged use. The reliability of the cooling system is essential for maintaining consistent performance, especially in environments where workstations are required to run 24/7.

Software Integration

These workstations are optimized for use with leading forensic software like Magnet Axiom, ElcomSoft, Oxygen Forensics, and FTK. The seamless integration with these tools enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of forensic investigations. By ensuring compatibility with a wide range of forensic software, BIZON workstations provide investigators with a versatile and comprehensive toolkit for data analysis, recovery, and reporting. This integration streamlines workflows, reduces the time needed for training and setup, and allows investigators to focus on uncovering critical evidence and insights.

Network Coordination

For large-scale operations, these workstations can be networked to distribute the workload across multiple systems, further accelerating password recovery processes. This capability is particularly valuable in enterprise environments where multiple forensic tasks must be performed simultaneously. Network coordination allows for the aggregation of computational resources, enabling faster processing times and more efficient use of hardware. It also facilitates collaboration among team members, as tasks can be assigned to different workstations based on their availability and processing power. This distributed approach not only improves overall productivity but also ensures that even the most complex and demanding forensic investigations can be completed in a timely manner.

Choosing the Right Workstation

Selecting the right workstation depends on your specific needs. The BIZON ZX5500 offers a robust start for professionals needing reliable performance without breaking the bank. The X5500 is perfect for those requiring more power and multitasking capabilities, while the X7000 is the ultimate choice for the most demanding and complex tasks.

In the world of cybersecurity and digital forensics, having the right tools is crucial. With BIZON's ZX5500, X5500, and X7000 models, you are equipped to tackle any challenge, ensuring data security and forensic accuracy.


How do I monitor the performance of my password recovery workstation?

Monitoring your workstation’s performance is crucial for efficient operations. BIZON provides software tools and dashboards that allow you to track CPU and GPU usage, temperature, and other vital metrics in real-time.

What kind of support does BIZON offer for software issues?

BIZON offers extensive support for software-related issues. Our support team can assist with the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of password recovery software to ensure optimal performance on your workstation.

How do I service my workstation if a component fails?

BIZON provides comprehensive support and warranty services. In the event of a component failure, you can contact our support team for troubleshooting and repair services. They offer both remote assistance and options for sending your workstation in for repairs.

How does liquid cooling enhance my password recovery process?

Liquid cooling improves your workstation's performance by keeping it at optimal temperatures during intensive tasks. This ensures consistent performance without thermal throttling, enabling faster and more reliable password recovery operations.

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