Bizon G2000

Martin F
29 July 2019
Great communication up front to help decide and choose the right config.
Super fast assembly and delivery. Great experience overall!
The DL workstation fulfilled the expectations.
Nice touch: I appreciate that the RAM was installed as one module allowing me easy expansion later on.

Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box and Graphics Card AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8 GB, 3 DP, HDMI

Sandeep Jangir
24 July 2019
The products are excellent. Bizon tech people are very helpful during this process. I consider them best for the purchases of eGPU boxes and compatible GPU options.

Bizon G3000

20 May 2019
I bought the workstation for machine learning because I paid too much money to AWS.

This machine is awesome!
It runs out of the box, though I did have to do a small update of tensorflow to get tensorflow to see the GPUs. This thing is a work of arts. It blasts through the training and faster than the instances that I bought on AWS.. It is also surprisingly quiet.

Regretably, I forgot to move my wife's plant: the heat from the fan killed her plant and she got a little upset at my new toy.

Other than that, I am very very happy. I definitely saved a lot of money compared to other options I was considering, and it saved me a lot of hassle from building the machine myself.

Thanks guys!

Processor (Skylake X; Latest Generation): 10-Core 3.30 GHz Intel Core i9-9820X
Liquid Cooling: Liquid Cooling System
Graphics Card: 4 x NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB
NVIDIA NVLink Bridge: 2 x NVLink for 4 x NVIDIA RTX
Memory (DDR4 3000 MHz): 128 GB
HDD #1 (OS Install): 2 TB PCIe SSD (Up to 3500 Mb/s)
HDD #2: 2 TB HDD


22 April 2019
The computer does everything I need it to do. It’s the perfect balance for my application. High praise to Bizon-Tech.


GenWen Row
01 November 2018
very good

Geforce Titan X for Mac Pro

Fredd Parr
25 October 2018
Got the card for my MAC very fast shipment!! Worked right out of the box, FANTASTIC company with FANTASTIC products and prices.

I HIGHLY recommend this company if you are in the market for some new tech gear :)

Razor Core X eGPU

Saif Alshehhi
12 October 2018
This eGPU is amazing when it comes to MacBook Pro or any pc. It works really fine and charges your laptop or MacBook Pro quicker with 100W. Easy to open and change graphic cards too.

Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box Model 350 with AMD Saphire Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ 8 Gb

Kelly Harris
13 July 2018
Price is higher than others BUT it is about the service! Both support people were very helpful. I asked ALOT of questions and they never got tired of me. Worth the extra money. The only possible thing I could complain about is the price of shipping to Canada, that is all. Unit works great!

Bizon PC

Kelly, thank you for your feedback!

We think that service is the most important part of our company and we strive to always improve it.

13 July 2018

Sonnet 550 box and NVidia 1080 ti

Zac Sandler
06 April 2018
I would thoroughly recommend Bizon and eGPU to anyone - their support is awesome and helped me through some simple steps to get 2 Nvidia eGPU's working with an Imac Pro.

Fantastic company, highly recommended!

Bizon PC


Thank you for your kind words about our product and service!

15 April 2018

BizonBox 3 with GTX 1080ti GPU

Mark Drutarosky
06 March 2018
Absolutely LOVE IT!!!
I got to speed up my renders in DAZ Studio and what used to take hours (Sometimes days!) is now done in minutes!!!
If you own an iMac or MacBook Pro this is the way to go!

Bizon PC


We are glad to hear that you can now do more in less time thanks to our product!

06 March 2018

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