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BIZON V5000 – Intel Core i9 SkyLake Overclocked – Up to 18 Cores – 4K, 6K, 8K+ Video Editing Workstation Computer

Seung Joon Ro
30 June 2020
Before I bought this workstation, I had some troubles in working on designing with big 3-D data.
After installation, I had few issues in the beginning but now it improved my job very efficiently.
I expected faster computer and graphic card when I worked on 240MB size file and create its concept drawing.
There were 10 pcs of the same parts and its total was about 6GB but it was so slow. My graphic card is NVIDIA Quadra RTX 5000 16G but it seemed that my computer was froze. It worked but really slow for the drawing. This was exceptional.
Everything else has been fine so far.
If there is something for me to know or the configuration to be changed, let me know please.
Anyway, I am overall satisfied.

Bizon X3000

Roland F
12 June 2020
I do a lot of 3D modeling and rendering for work and the Bizon X3000 exceeded my expectations with respect to performance.

The order to delivery time was also extraordinarily fast and the staff was very helpful in making suggestions for configurations.

The computer case is elegantly designed and of high quality. I like that it is possible to upgrade or modify the computer by adding additional GPUs. I have owned this computer for 2 weeks.

Bizon V3000

04 May 2020
I ordered the Bizon V3000 so I could run Blender and other 3d software to eventually land a job as a 3d artist.

I have to say the computer is a beautiful machine runs very smoothly and is quite! The programs have no problem running with the 64GB ram. The computer came in a large box that was packed safely. Thanks Bizon will look forward to my next purchase in the future years.

Bizon G2000 (Intel + 2 GPU) Workstation

Lance DiAngelis
04 May 2020
I appreciate the customer service and responsiveness of the Bizon staff. They were able to build a great system at a great price! Would highly recommend to any early career researchers looking to build a deep learning (DL) workstation with (DL) library support.

Windows 10 workstation

Michael Boudreau
01 May 2020
Your website made configuring a system to my needs very easy. Production and delivery were fast. The system works as expected!

Bizon v3000

Zachary Green
07 April 2020
This computer was purchased because I received a sudden influx of videos i needed to edit and produce. I needed a computer that could handle a lot of output and i needed it here fast.

The computer was in my hands less than two weeks after i ordered it and the customer service was phenomenal throughout the whole process. Even with the country in quarantine (COVID-19) these guys were incredibly quick and efficient.

Bizon X3000 Workstation for video editing

Mark Defelippis
29 March 2020
Great service! Awesome product!

BIZON ZX5000 (Threadripper 3990X)

Brett Graffin
26 February 2020
Machine is performing excellent! Totally meets all my expectations. Sales got me all the components that I like. Will be purchasing from Bizon in the future.

X5500 (AMD Threadripper 3970x 3gen)

Douglas Ivey Pyatt III
06 January 2020
Great Computer, Worked out of the box.

I got the box in and it has great packing to protect the computer in shipping.
Removed all the packaging and it powered up to pre-installed windows without any problems.
Great System. I am very pleased with the Computer.

I was shocked that SMB v1.1 was installed (this is not installed by default in new windows systems by default).

I wish I had ordered it as a dual boot Linux/Windows. I did not see an option when ordering online, but the quick setup that came in with the computer detailed a dual boot option.


Martin Frasch
17 December 2019
Very responsive, friendly and knowledgeable support. I appreciate knowing that I get expert guidance when needed even after the sale is done. Thanks Bizon!

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