21 September 2021
I spent a few months looking for a good rendering computer. I wanted to find the best possible as I may be buying a few more. In the end, I chose Bizon.

It has greatly exceeded my expectations. It was shipped promptly, it came well packaged, and worked perfectly once set up. I was a little concerned that it was not as easy to speak to a person on the phone as the other companies, but in the end, I chose the right company to work with. My Bizon computer is perfect for my needs.

Bizon G3000

Abdel Fahmy
08 September 2021
There is no other company or service or product that can come close to Bizon Tech. If you are in the market for affordable, high quality state of the art equipment with phenomenal support look no further. Ruben in particular is a wizard!

Bizon X3000

Alexis M Soto
09 August 2021
This was my first purchase and I'm happy with it. The computer arrived faster than expected and it was easy to install. No need to install hardware, just unpack and it's ready to use.
When it comes to the machine, it's really powerful and would recommend if you're working with heavy media like 3D animation.

Bizon X5000

Dr. Richard Chalquest
23 July 2021
The computer is working as expected and definitely is a quality product.

Bizon GPU servers

Vince P
17 July 2021
Bizon always delivers what they promise. This is our 2nd order and everything went as planned. The service provided after the delivery is why we will continue to buy servers from Bizon.

BIZON G3000 – 2 GPU 4 GPU Deep Learning Workstation PC

Shikhar S
16 July 2021
Excellent service: Highly customizable options, supportive team and timely delivery at a great price.
Will recommend! :-)


Phillip Steven W
26 June 2021
Love my AI Workstation!!!

Bizon Workstation

Arshavir B.
19 June 2021
Ruben was VERY helpful!!


Calvin West
25 May 2021
Took me a minute to leave a comment due to in process of moving when I received this awesome computer!

First of all, shout out to Mark that helped me in every way in getting this product, I given him some details of what I wanted to do with the X4000 (rendering/modeling/animation work), from there I told him my budget and he went ahead and added all the items that I would need, in turn that will get me rolling into what I've always wanted to do on computers. Mark also stayed in touch with me constantly making sure that my product was shipped and being tracked until it arrived at my door.

I was very satisfied in the packing of this computer, the company ensures that it won't get damaged in shipping. The computer started up in no time (after I moved into a new place) and running so smoothly and very excited.

I have a cheap program that I practiced rendering still pictures for fun, but this computer has proven to me that it renders 10 times faster than my old desktop! I'm in the process of learning to do those items with some programs like Blender and Maya, but will hopefully get experienced after 6 to 12 months on this computer to make some good short animations/modeling.

I highly recommend this company if you are looking to go further into the world of technology, especially for those that want to work on 3D modeling/animations. If you think this is too much, they do have cheaper computers that will work well with everyday use too.

This comment was sent by my X4000 Bizon computer, thanks again Bizon!!!

BIZON X5000 G2

Alfons S
09 April 2021
Both Mark and Ruben are true and customer-friendly professionals in sales and technical support. They provided me the right advice during my purchasing process but also with resolving a nasty OS issue I probably created myself. Ruben handled it remotely in not more than two short sessions.

Many thanks again, You Bizon Guys!

Kind regards, Alfons

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