BIZON X5000 G2

Alfons S
09 April 2021
Both Mark and Ruben are true and customer-friendly professionals in sales and technical support. They provided me the right advice during my purchasing process but also with resolving a nasty OS issue I probably created myself. Ruben handled it remotely in not more than two short sessions.

Many thanks again, You Bizon Guys!

Kind regards, Alfons


02 April 2021
Ruben is absolutely amazing. His professionalism and dedication to delivery and outstanding customer service experience are unmatched.

Always available and goes above and beyond to help his customers. Thank you so much!!


Will Johnson
31 March 2021
The system is solid, built like a tank, but was just not impressed with the performance, prior to purchasing I had discussed the ability to multi-stream 4k video with no hesitation while editing. Well while editing 1080p footage i found i had to put the resolution at 1/4 screen in order to avoid sluggish performance

Bizon X4000

Francis Rudman
13 March 2021
Great product & great quality components.
Bizon offers a great service if you're a professional looking for a custom workstation PC. The time they invest in selecting the best components and the after-sale support they provide is worth every penny when you're dealing with a busy schedule.
I've been a long-time Mac user and they made my switch to PC very smooth!

I ordered on Feb. 15th
Package was shipped on Feb 24th.
Package was delivered to Montreal, Qc on March 3rd, with standard ground shipping (package was randomly selected at customs which added 2 extra days)

Deep Learning Workstation

Alexandre Z
04 March 2021
I needed some support with my graphic card and the support team was perfect: patient, professional, helpful and efficient.

Bizon 5000

Ruffy Zarookian
16 February 2021
We are really happy with our Bizon, and with the fast service from Bizon. They shipped within a few days of our order and the box was even better than expected.
Gorgeous case, high-quality parts, quiet, with well thought out thermal. Thanks, Bizon!


craig crawford
29 January 2021
Great machine handling our CG set extension for feature film very well.

BIZON X5000 G2

Diego P
27 January 2021
It was easy to gather information about the equipment. We had some issues with the payment, we had to try 3 times to get it done. On the other hand, the equipment arrived really fast to Colombia after the payment was done.

BIZON X4000 / Threadripper /2X GTX 3060Ti etc.

19 January 2021
Absolutely brilliant and also clutch. Needed to get back to work post - the - first - year of the pandemic and had to get in on a window of opportunity. Had the perfect amount of funds in a still somewhat tumultuous shipping and delivery pocket post-holiday.

Everything got in on time with no damage to the product. It only took me about an hour to set up and clone everything over by the end of the weekend that I got it. Kudos! and many thanks!


Mike Rohona
02 January 2021
Thanks for your help and technical services group quality work on building and delivering a BIZON X4000 Workstation for my son Justin who recently graduated from graphics are school.

It was a well received Christmas gift that covered for his graduation and birthday gifts. I was able to power it up and get it fully functional without any issues. Until my son to works on some graphics art rendering, I will not know what I may have missed with the purchase. If anything I expect it to be some art software that I am not aware of.

Again thanks.

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