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BIZON is a Silicon Valley-founded company focused on building custom workstations and servers for deep learning / AI research, video editing, 3D design, and rendering.

We are a strong team of hardware and software engineers, industrial designers, and PC repair technicians with 10 years' background in developing professional workstations, servers, and data centers.

500+ companies and top universities trust BIZON (Stanford University, MIT, Berkeley, Tesla, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Oculus, Facebook, Qualcomm).
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Our headquarters is located in Miami, Florida.


We started in 2009 by building professional workstations and servers for video editing, computer graphics, rendering, and deep learning / AI research.

Today we have more than 2000+ customers.

In 2014 we started developing the external graphics cards for Mac. BIZON is the first company in the market to offer expansion chassis that are designed primarily for NVIDIA GTX graphics cards — the BizonBOX.

Why choose BIZON
Purpose-built Product Line

Each product line is purpose-built for specific applications. We test each part you see in the configurator before adding to our product line. You can feel confident that you get a quality product.

US-based. Lifetime Support/Labor Warranty

We offer lifetime expert care with an up to 5 year limited warranty (5 years labor & 3 years parts replacement). Even when your parts warranty expires, we continue to answer your questions and fix your computer with no labor costs.

Fast Build Times

Unlike other companies offering 2-3 weeks average build times, we offer up to 1-5 days build time for most models by keeping an inventory of most popular parts and maintaining direct connections with most of the parts distributors.

Quality control and Stress Testing

Nothing can stop a huge workflow process more than a system failure. That’s why every BIZON workstation is extensively tested and must pass our stress tests before leaving our warehouse.

Team of experts

We are a strong team of hardware and software engineers, industrial designers, and PC technicians with 10 years of background in developing professional workstations and servers.

Our Customers

500+ USA- and worldwide-based companies trust BIZON (HBO, NBC, ABC News, Tesla, Samsung, Canon, Google, Amazon, Oculus, Facebook, Stanford University, BBDO). Our Customers »