NVIDIA GPU Clusters for AI

HPC Clusters for AI, deep learning

GPU Clusters for AI are the perfect solution for deep learning and other demanding AI applications. BIZON HPC clusters are designed for high performance and for training large-scale deep learning models.

High performance computing clusters are equipped with the latest NVIDIA datacenter GPUs (A100, H100 Hopper, H200 Tensor Core GPU, RTX 6000 Ada Generation) and deliver exceptional performance for training and inference. With our easy-to-use web-based interface, you can get started right away without needing to install any software. And our support team is always available to help you get the most out of your cluster.

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Recommended AI Clusters
GPU AI cluster
AI Cluster
  • Compute

    8x NVIDIA GPUs, 512GB memory, Dual AMD EPYC CPUs

  • Storage

    12 TB Flash NVMe + 180 TB HDD

  • Networking

    10GB Dual port

  • Cooling

    Air-cooling / Water-cooling

GPU AI cluster
Advanced AI Cluster
  • Compute

    64x NVIDIA GPUs, 4 TB memory, 512 CPU cores

  • Storage

    96 TB Flash NVMe + 576 TB HDD

  • Networking

    200 GB/s InfiniBand

  • Cooling

    Air-cooling / Water-cooling

GPU AI cluster
Supercomputer cluster
  • Designed for large scale projects
  • Optimized networking and compute topology
  • Tailored to your specific workload

All-in-one vendor for your cluster

We provide everything you need to get your cluster infrastructure up and running, from the initial hardware and software installation to on-going maintenance and support. You'll have just one vendor to work with, simplifying your procurement process.

Optimized components

BIZON GPX is a high performance computing GPU cluster that provides accelerated compute, storage, management, and networking capabilities. It is perfect for businesses that need to harness the power of GPUs for demanding tasks such as big data analysis, AI and machine learning, and scientific computing.

Quick setup

BIZON GPX clusters shipped fully assembled, pre-configured, and cabled. Ready to plug into your data center and get the job done! We can ship to a data center or one of our colocation partners.
BIZON AI Cluster components
GPU-Accelerated Compute
Our team of AI engineers and HPC experts will design your cluster based on your use case. We will help you select the CPU nodes or GPU nodes for your HPC application. We offer a wide variety of NVIDIA GPU servers or HPC servers. Powered by datacenter NVIDIA A100, H100, RTX 6000 ADA GPUs, these servers offer unprecedented compute power and efficiency for deep learning, scientific computing, and other data-intensive applications.
HPC Storage
Whether you need fast rack-based NVMe storage or separate storage clusters, we have a solution that will fit your needs. With blistering fast speeds and a management interface that makes it easy to keep track of your data, NVME storage is the perfect choice for anyone who needs the absolute best in storage performance.
HPC Networking
Our HPC interconnect/networking solution is the perfect way to connect compute and storage nodes for optimal performance. This solution features Ethernet, InfiniBand, and NVIDIA (Mellanox) technologies for fast, reliable data transfer between nodes with speeds of up to 200 Gb/s using InfiniBand fabric.
Water-Cooling Solutions
It's well known that a data center is required to host your cluster due to the extensive heat and noise. Depending on your needs and if air-cooling is not enough, we can implement our water-cooling system in your cluster. BIZON is one of the leading providers of water-cooled servers. Our innovative technology reduces the noise level by 30% vs. traditional air-cooled servers, making it possible to keep your cluster in an office or lab environment! Our system is fully self-contained and does not require any external water source or a special data center with water lines.
Technical Support
We offer customer support at different levels, each based on a detailed service level agreement (SLA) that fits your needs. Whether you need help with software, hardware, or system administration questions, our in-house US-based team of HPC experts is here to help.

3 Year Warranty

We offer a warranty of up to 5 years for labor & up to 3 years for parts replacement.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our technical support staff is highly knowledgeable in deep learning frameworks.

Advanced Replacement

Should a part go bad, we offer an advanced replacement option to reduce downtime.

Fast Built Times

We offer up to 1-3 days on most models by keeping inventory and maintaining direct connections with distributors.

Fast Shipping

Ships within 1-3 days. Shipping worldwide. Overnight US shipping available.

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