NVIDIA GPU Servers for AI, Deep Learning
BIZON offers the most advanced NVIDIA GPU servers for AI/ML training, inference, deep learning, data science. Optimized for stable diffusion, LLMs, and generative AI. Powered by the latest NVIDIA professional GPUs (A100, H100, RTX 6000 Ada), AMD EPYC or Intel Xeons processors.
BIZON Deep Learning AI Workstations
Plug and Play Deep Learning Workstations powered by the latest NVIDIA RTX 4090, A100, H100, A6000 GPUs, pre-installed with deep learning frameworks and water cooling. PyTorch and TensorFlow optimized.
Water-Cooled AI Workstations
and GPU Servers
Presenting virtually silent water-cooled PCs and multi-GPU servers. Our water-cooled technology ensures that your system runs smoothly 24/7/365, and up to 3x times lower noise vs. air-cooled systems.

Most Advanced
Custom Workstation PCs

Custom-built workstation computers for deep learning, AI/ML research, LLMs, generative AI, data science, HPC, video editing, rendering, animation, content creation.
Powered by the latest CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, and water cooling
Deep Learning & AI Research
Deep learning AI workstations and NVIDIA GPU servers designed for office or dataceters. Powered by the latest NVIDIA GPUs, preinstalled deep learning frameworks. Optimized for stable diffusion, LLMs, generative AI.
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Data Science
NVIDIA GPU workstations optimized for AI research, data science.
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Molecular Dynamics
Our Cryo-EM NVIDIA GPU workstations and NVIDIA GPU servers are perfect for running AMBER, GROMACS, NAMD, LAMMPS and Relion Cryo-EM.
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Video Editing & Production
BIZON is the best 4K, 8K video editing and post-production workstation for creative professionals. Optimized for Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and DaVinci software.
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3D Rendering & Animation
BIZON is the perfect workstations for creative professionals who demand the best performance. Optimized for Cinema4D, Blender, Octane, Unreal Engine.
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Architecture & Engineering
BIZON is the perfect CAD / CAM workstation for Solidworks, Autocad users who demand professional performance. Designed specifically for these applications.
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Graphic Design & Photo Editing
BIZON Workstation PC is the perfect tool for any professional graphic designer or photographer. Our PCs are fully customizable.
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Password Recovery & Forensic
BIZON workstations, optimized for password recovery and forensic analysis. Optimized for Hashcat, Passware.
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Relion Cryo-EM
Our Cryo-EM NVIDIA GPU workstations and NVIDIA GPU servers are perfect for running Relion.
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Recommended PC Workstation configurations based on your software.
Why Choose BIZON
Academic, Gov, Startups Discounts Available
BIZON offers academic, government, and startups discounts. 500+ top universities and companies trust BIZON's deep learning GPU solutions.
US based Lifetime Support
Each BIZON GPU workstation is backed by our lifetime expert care and a warranty of up to 5 years. Our technical support staff is highly knowledgeable in deep learning frameworks.
Team of Experts
We are a strong team of hardware and software engineers, industrial designers, and PC technicians with 10+ year of experience in developing professional workstations and GPU servers.
Quality Control
and Stress Testing
Nothing will stop a huge workflow process more than a system failure. That’s why every BIZON workstation is extensively tested and must pass various stress tests before leavingour warehouse.
Water-cooling Technologies
Up to 3x times lower noise level vs air-cooling. Plug-and-Play Deep learning Workstations designed for your office. Powered by latest NVIDIA GPUs, preinstalled deep learning frameworks.
Fast Built Times. Fast shipping.
We offer 1-5 days built time on most models. Shipping worldwide. Overnight US shipping available.
Our Customers
Custom Workstations PCS and GPU servers. Deep Learning, AI/ML, data science, HPC, video editing, rendering, simulations.
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