BizonBOX 3 + Titan X Pascal

Josh Deprez
24 February 2017
I recently got a BizonBOX 3 for use with my MacBook Pro (13", Touch Bar), connected to a Dell 5K panel.
The BizonBOX 3 has a TITAN X (Pascal) in it, so currently macOS can't use it. (This is on NVIDIA more than anyone else - hurry up with the drivers NVIDIA!).

However since getting it I've used it with Windows 10 (Boot Camp), to play a few games, and maybe play around with CUDA and deep learning/AI stuff.

Glorious! The TITAN X (Pascal) is a true beast. Knocks the AMD cards in the Mac Pro clean out of the water.

There are several upsides:
* As mentioned above, it's got grunt, and I can swap in an even beefier GPU when one exists.
* I don't have to plug the BizonBOX in all the time, saving power.
* The 400W power supply, similar to a PC switch-mode supply, has an ordinary IEC power connector and works on the Australian power system (240V), just swap the cable.
* As mentioned above, if you care about macOS, get one of the supported cards.

A few caveats:
* Windows 10 hates hot-plugging Thunderbolt 3. Follow directions and plug it in before powering on. This also applies any Thunderbolt drives you might be using...
* The 400W power supply, and the BizonBOX itself, are not "silent". But, I don't notice it after it's been on a while. Sticking it under the desk would probably help.
* I haven't figured out why yet, but Dishonored 2 likes to crash after about 10 minutes of play at 5K. It's stable at 4K resolution. Other games seem rock solid.

BIZON BOX 2s with Titan X

Simon Lui
24 February 2017
I use Mac and I need a GPU to be shared with all members in my team. Bizon box is the best option for me. It really boost up my DNN calculation on Matlab for at least 10 times (or sometime even 50 times).

Awesome product!

BizonBOX, Asus GTX 980 Ti

24 February 2017
Got a lof of answers on questions I had before I did the purchase.

Allthough all cards shown and mentioned on the website are Nvidia, Asus cards are delivered.. which is slightly confusing when unboxing of course.

The guide for installing is super helpfull, took 20min to install including standalone and C4D plugin of Octane.

Bizon Box 3 + TITAN X

Yasuyuki Yoshida
11 February 2017
I use Macbook Pro 2016 and MacPro 2013 for 4K/8K video editing. Both machines are fully customized.

After I start using Bizon Box 3, I see significant performance improvement. For example, noise reduction processing speed increased by over 80% and rendering time also improved. Given the fact that both machines use the best CPU and GPU that Apple offers, I am really satisfied by the performance of the Bizon Box 3.

There were some issues during hardware install but customer support was very helpful. The customer support was very fast and responded within one hour.

Bizon PC

Dear Yoshida-san,

Thank you for your detailed feedback and benchmark results!

11 February 2017

NVIDIA GTX for Mac Pro

Behrooz Roozbeh
06 February 2017
Its wonderful to find professional support for My Macpro mid 2010. I giving new life to my Macpro until Apple can decide if they want to continue with supporting their 3D professionals base.

Also Bizon tech support has been top with giving solutions to solve problems connecting an external 5K Retina monitor. where Bizon is filling the Gap where Apple support has dropped. I have been impressed with getting tech support even posting questions on the weekends and after hours.

Best, Behrooz

Bizon PC


thank you for you kind words about our technical support team!

06 February 2017


Dan Disuye
31 January 2017
MacPro5,1 2.4GHz 8-core running 10.10.5 – main applications are Davinci Resolve 12.5 and Nuke-X 6.3v8 for video production – bought a GTX980Ti from Bizon and very happy with the performance upgrade over my (very old!) ATI Radeon.

Main improvement is super quick preview and output render times – plus real-time playback @ 2K 30FPS DPX – in Davinci Resolve. Nuke-X, despite being an old version of the app, runs incredible quick with the GTX980Ti and Yosemite 10.10.5.

Going to buy a second GTX980Ti for my other MacPro5,1 very soon.

Bizon PC


Thank you for your detailed feedback!

We are looking forward to a second order from you.

31 January 2017


Mike Cribdon
12 January 2017
Product is excellent for my application.
Customer communication is ok.

Bizon PC


Thank you for sharing your experience with the BizonBOX and our service.

12 January 2017

BizonBox 2s

Simon LeDuc
11 January 2017
I use an iMac 2011 & a Macbook Pro 2015 with a BizonBox 2s with a GTX 980 TI

It works well with the Macbook Pro but is a little ''ghetto'' with the iMac.
It works flawlessly with the Macbook Pro but when used with the iMac, it can crash many times while booting.
Sometime, you can get 5 ''kernel panick'' booting message and suddently, it just works.
Support was great. I had a defective PSU and they exchanged it quickly.
This is THE best eGPU solution for a Mac.

Bizon PC


Thank you for your honest feedback about the BizonBOX.

Some iMacs 2011 have issues with the BizonBOX, because this is a first iMac model with Thunderbolt.

Newer iMacs work as flawlessly as your MacBook Pro.

11 January 2017

Bizon Boz 2S

11 January 2017
2015 Macbook Pro Retina, with Intel Iris and AMD dGPU. I am currently using a MSI GTX 980ti in the BizonBox.

I use the BizonBox for CUDA applications and some gaming through bootcamp.

Using the BizonBox I have seen a 2x to 3x performace increase.

Bizon PC

Nick, thank you for your feedback about your BizonBOX experience!

11 January 2017

BizonBox 2S Titan X

Bjoern Schelter
09 January 2017
I wanted to accelerate certain algorithms, e.g. construction of neuronal networks, using this powerful GPU.

Up to now I used Wolfram Mathematica to run some tests. Within minutes I had the GPU running on OSX and the training time for neuronal networks in Mathematica is just incredible: for one test it went down from just under 4 hours on the CPU to just about 6 minutes on the GPU.

I will buy further Bizon GPUs.

Bizon PC


Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with the BizonBOX!

09 January 2017

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