BizonBOX 2S

01 August 2017
I have a Mac 2013 that needed some extra boost, I working on video mapping and without the Bizon this computer wouldn't work thank goodness for Bizon is like having a brand new computer without spending the money for a new one. now i can connect all the projectors that I need without killing my computer.

Bizon Box 2S

Chris Lund
01 August 2017
Bizon box is working great. There was a misunderstanding that led to delayed shipment, which was mildly disappointing, but other than that service was good.

BizonBox 2s with GTX 1080

29 July 2017
Yes, you could probably get away cheaper if you assemble your own box. On the other hand you´ll get the BizonBox ready to use out of the box. And the grant you a 1-year-warranty on the whole thing and not only on the various components. That might make a quite a difference when you make an mistake and maybe fry your graphics card. Considering all this I went with the BizonBox.

What´s also worth the extra bucks is Bizon´s support crew. I ran into some major problems when I tried to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10. Basically reinstalling Apple´s bootcamp-tools completely busted the NVIDIA-drivers to a grade where I could neither start my PC partition nor - after that finally worked - desinstall the broken drivers. Richard from Helpdesk guided me through various steps and attempts even though I seriously doubt that the BizonBox had anything to do with the issues. And trust me, the guy knows his s#*t.

BiozonBox now powers the internal display of my MacBook Pro (mid 2014, discreet GPU). I tried it out on a few hours of "Dishonored 2" in Ultra-Mode, fullscreen. It works flawlessly.

BizonBOX 2S

JT DiMartile
28 July 2017
12 core mac pro, 1080ti in BizonBOX
Cinema/Octane, Video Editing
Incredible performance out of the 1080

BizonBOX 2s

John Rey Espinueva
20 July 2017
I have an iMac 27" Late 2012 and a Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2012 to which I use my EVGA GTX Titan X 12GB enclosed in a BizonBOX 2s.
My work involves a lot of rendering using Davinci Resolve.

From the usual 20-30 minutes rendering of 5-minute clip (with heavy grading), BizonBox 2s + my gpu trims the rendering down to 6 minutes.

Only concern is when I had it delivered here in the Philippines, I incurred a UPS storage fee because I just found out that you've input the wrong phone number which was "9999999999." This was the only hassle thing I've encountered while waiting for my BizonBOX 2s, but everything else was a breeze.

Geforce GTX 980

Alejandro Garrido
17 July 2017
Great service

Nvidia GTX 970

Stan Koziel
14 July 2017
I have a early 2009 Mac Pro running OS X ElCapitan 1-.11.6.
I had problems running Final Cut Pro. I could not get 3D graphics to run correctly. Last month I start up the Mac to to get ready to do some editing. I could not get past the white screen that started to show up. After many boot tries I finally got it to work. I had to get a new graphics card. I was on the internet for days trying to figure out what I should buy for this older Mac. I came across your company and it looked like what I wanted. You offered a connector for my Apple Cinema Display and I also received a couple connectors for the power. I received instructions to plug in the Graphics Card and It all worked. Final Cut works better then I expected.
Great Buy.

BizonBOX 2S

Rory Wainer
29 June 2017
BizBOX 2S with Nvidia 1060 3G card install on late 2013 Macbook Pro i7 16G.

I had a few issues installing the system initially because I didn't use an external monitor with an HDMI input. At first, I tried using my 27" Apple display and got no result. However, once I switched to a monitor with the right inputs everything worked perfectly.

I then tested the performance before & after using Unigine Heaven ... massive difference from 7 FPS to 100 FPS and the CPU temp dropped from 85 degrees is 72 degrees.

In summary, the product works exactly as described!

Bizon Box II for Mac with GTX 1080 Ti

22 June 2017
I do like it. I was looking at upgrading my graphics card for doing machine learning.

I am was debating between building a Hackintosh and/or upgrading my Laptop, in the end, I went with the 3rd option, get the Bison Box with the Graphic Card that I can use, and later upgrade the box if I get a MacBook Pro or rip it apart and use the GPU for a future Hackintosh build, in the end, I am pleased with my decision.

The Bison Box was easy to install, offers me the increased processing power that I need right now and has the flexibility and versatility for future upgrades.

Bizon Box 2s

John James
20 June 2017
I have a Mac Pro6.1 and am using dual bizon box 2s. My main application for use on this is Cinema 4D with Octane Render. I also rely heavily on the adobe suite of products.

It definitely helps with Octane, but there are huge bugs and compatibility issues. I don't know if it's a driver thing, or an OS issue, or if it's the box itself. But I get screen blackouts a lot and have to either restart the computer in the normal way or do a hard restart. It especially goes crazy when I use adobe media encoder. I've had to get into the habit of unplugging the boxes and monitors and removing them if I'm not using Cinema 4D and then plugging them back in when I do. So there's been a lot of that. Super annoying and time consuming. When it works it great.

Also the directions for installing two boxes weren't clear so it took some time. But customer support was quick so that's a plus.

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