Bizon X3000 G2

Douglas P
17 July 2023
The server was just what we needed for training our AI models and it works great!

It is quiet and came with all the packages for AI on Ubuntu as requested.

The build was completed in 4 days but the testing took a bit longer than promised, 7 days from order to shipment. It still arrived much faster than anyone else could have even shipped.

V3000 G3

Edward Petche
13 July 2023
Up and running, working well. Overall I felt rushed to make a purchase. Did not receive any benchmarks . My addition RGB strip you quoted was not included. While the cpu and gpu are as expected, the rest of the build does not feel like a 6000 machine. Would have been nice to look over my build in vid call, so you could walk me through and see what I paying for.


06 July 2023
Pros: time to build and send the machine was great thank you for that.
Cons: Initial startup was a bit difficult, requiring us to understand that only VGA connector would work to initialize the computer (a little more preparations on that end would have been great).

Bizon X5500

David Anderson
25 June 2023
I really liked the number of options available to customize these machines. We opted to go for a 64-core cpu with 1 TB of RAM and 4 RTX A5500s to go with 60 TB of solid state storage (+ more HDD) and feel the price point vs compute is reasonable. I do wish that the monitors came with displayport cables instead of HDMI.

Bizon V3000 G3

Tom Hettinger
21 May 2023
Nowadays every PC manufacturer and reseller promises fast builds and shipping, but Bizon actually does it for real.

Before retiring, I was in government service for over 30 years so,, when I saw that Bizon serviced a multitude of government agencies, I knew that they understood deadlines and sales promises. They delivered on their 3-day build/ship promise and, as promised, I received the computer one week after placing my custom order.

The materials, workmanship and physical design of the computer are all outstanding and my sales/tech rep responded to emails almost immediately. For the icing on the cake, my computer arrived with a box of assorted internal connector and power cables to facilitate any aftermarket additions or modifications that I might want to make (provided that I check with them first to keep the warranty in effect). With the new system, I am now able to render my video projects (typically 1-3 hrs of content) literally 10x faster than with my former 6 year-old PC. Should I need another high-horsepower PC, I will definitely buy it from Bizon.

Bizon Workstation

Pete Falco
05 May 2023
Sales helped me work through some issues I had with my bank. Everything worked as expected when it arrived.

Rendering, deep learning

Jon jones
03 May 2023
Fantastic machine. Spoke with IT and they set me up with a system that by and far exceeds anything I thought it was going to be. Couldn’t be happier!

AMD Ryzen 9 workstation

Eitan Kay
12 January 2023
Great work!

V3000 G3

John McKendry
21 December 2022
Excellent tech support!

I needed to upgrade the NVIDIA driver and CUDA software and was unable to do it with the automated Ubuntu tools.

Ruben was able to log in to the system over SSH and perform all the needed tasks manually, explaining what he was doing thoroughly and including testing after the upgrade to confirm that everything was working correctly.

My users are very happy with the result, and so am I.

BIZON server

Jinran Qie
23 November 2022
Very nice product!

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