BIZON Professional Workstation

Ruchao Fan
24 April 2022
Good experience of the purchase. Am using the machine. Hope everything is fine.

Bizon V3000 G3

David Jung
31 March 2022
The purchase experience was good! The product arrived promptly and the enclosed instructions enabled us to get it running quickly. Too many automated emails triggered automatically inappropriately (e.g. when multiple quotes are created, for example) - seems to cause confusion with the sales team, where we have follow-ups asking about possible purchases even after the purchase has been made and things like that.


Abhishek Patnia
28 March 2022
The machine is amazing!! Perfectly balanced Thermal and Power profile. At the same time, the craftsmanship of the build itself is top-notch.

I made the mistake of upgrading Ubuntu packages and broke the Bizon OS installs. Ruben promptly got on a zoom call with me and we were able to restore the machine with the provided recovery USB image. Now, it is back to its glorious self aka push all GPUs to 100% with temps below 51 C.

Bizon is the best if you want a serious machine that is configured and balanced so you can push the hardware without getting thermal or wattage throttles.



Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer
19 March 2022
Bizon’s support and products are both fantastic! Most of our research initiatives (cryptographic parameter selection, model hyperparameter optimization, etc) are very computationally heavy and highly parallelizable.

With faster hardware and the ability to parallelize across a huge number of cores, the speed boost has been incredible: a calculation that takes 137 seconds on my laptop runs in 1.1 seconds on the workstation!

This far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations, and we are very pleased with the return on investment. It is likely that later this year we will scale up our in-house workstation operations, and we’ll definitely procure the equipment through Bizon.

I also really appreciated the technical support that we received throughout resolving a motherboard issue. Ruben walked me through an extremely thorough diagnostic process, and once we identified the issue, shipped a replacement part immediately. It has been more than a decade since the last time I installed a motherboard from scratch, and Ruben patiently walked me through every step of the process. It was really reassuring to have an expert on the line, and the repair was a success!

All around 10/10 very happy with the machine and all of the support from Ruben, definitely planning to purchase from Bizon again in the future.


Rui Xu
18 February 2022
Ruben has been very helpful!! My motherboard is too new for kernel 5.8 so the default BIZON OS recovery option doesn't work. He help me solve the problem and explained it very well during the process. I would definitely recommend the BIZON system and service to my colleagues.


Stteven Manos
17 February 2022
Everything is working fine,it's just that I don't have any idea if I actually been doing Everything right. I'm a beginner at computer graphics, successfully downloaded Maxon cinema 4D plus 3 other software programs that actually got installed but didn't really show up as a working icon,( much-like the cinema 4D icon did in the toolbar. To further check out my progress as to whether I actually did everything at the level that your computer is capable of doing, I was wondering if it's possible to use your remote support services? When I ordered the build I ask you had remote session capabilities, he said yes and I noticed he did install a remote application (AnyDesk).

Bizon V3000 G3 – Intel Core i9-12900K

Ron Hedlund
13 February 2022
This was my 1st Bizon Computer and I am truly in love. This desktop is AMAZING. A well-put-together machine on the inside and outside!

It did not stop from there the customer service was just as good as the product. BOTH Mark and Ruben ALWAYS answered my questions within a day. They know what they are talking about.

I will say this again this company and this product get 5 stars plus and will have me as a future customer from here on out.
Thank you BIZON. Where have you been all my life.

Bizon PC X4000

Jason Ross
13 January 2022
This is my 5th Bizon build this year and they are my favorite workstation pc to date. Everything is very well constructed, runs amazing, and has saved my team hours of labor because of quick render times and great reliability.

These are a Mac Pro killer!

Don't even think twice about it if you are looking to take the leap back onto pc.

BIZON X4000 – AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3rd Gen 3960X 3970X 3990X Processors – 8K+ Export Optimized, Video Editing Workstation Computer

Xiaokang W
07 December 2021
The driver for my graphical card got broken when I installed the latest version of pytorch. Ruben proposed a very smart way to solve the problem. First he logged into my workstation from my another computer. Although it is hard to fix the driver. He proposed another way to solve the problem from scratch, reinstall the os. Finally, he recommend me to use container and write a note for me to watch the youtube video. I will do it on weekends. I really appreciate Ruben's help!


Suresh Subbaratinam
24 November 2021
I generally do not give five-star rating to any vendor/tech company. But I must admit the Bizon Tech are true professionals that responded in time with clear-cut answers to problems that I was facing even though they were not problems - just a user error. Kudos to the team!

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