V3000 G3

John McKendry
21 December 2022
Excellent tech support!

I needed to upgrade the NVIDIA driver and CUDA software and was unable to do it with the automated Ubuntu tools.

Ruben was able to log in to the system over SSH and perform all the needed tasks manually, explaining what he was doing thoroughly and including testing after the upgrade to confirm that everything was working correctly.

My users are very happy with the result, and so am I.


Seth Neiman
20 December 2022
This machine is my second Bizon machine learning workstation. It is a great machine, well put together, and functions as advertised.

Most importantly, customer support is everything you could ask for.. Responsive, knowledgable, personable, and strong follow through. This is critical, as any ml workstation can be finicky to keep at peak performance.

My original ZX5000 was ordered with 2 A6000 GPUs, and power and cooling to support another 2. I recently ordered the upgrade for the add'l GPUs. Unfortunately, the new cards arrived with short hoses, and I had to replace them.

Customer support was superior. I returned the GPUs, and received replacement 4 days later. Tech support gave quick, accurate answers to BIOS configuration, cabling, and similar.

If you want to own a machine like this, you need a team that can keep you running. These guys do it ...

BIZON server

Jinran Qie
23 November 2022
Very nice product!

4xGPU workstation server

Zhe Sage Chen
31 October 2022
Good communication and fast shipping!

Bizon X5000 G2

Shawn McCarthy
20 October 2022
Ran into an issue (system upgrade + firefox upgrade + bizon UI upgrade); in the end I was unable to log on into the UI to issue docker commands to launch a few new Nvidia containers as part of an experiment.

I reached out to support, Ruben first provided a guide on launching the images outside of the UI and within 2 days corrected the incompatibility, wrote a guide and a video to do the upgrade. Ruben and the support team is just phenomenal and I cannot say it enough.


Bizon Pro Workstation

Rod Dorsey
07 October 2022
I'd like to thank the staff at Bizon for the attention they took to fulfilling our order. As a small business, it is often the case that we get short shrift due to the relative size of our orders.

This was not the case with Bizon - the dialogue needed to clarify our needs, resolve pricing and configuration questions, and provide routine updates during the build, test, and shipping process were as frequent as they were professional.

The workstation showed up well-packed and in perfect working condition. We are still in the configuration mode, but we feel confident that this is the right equipment and configuration to support our needs.

Thanks to the entire time for taking on our myriad questions and making us feel like we were your only customer that day!

Computer model 5500

Steve Jubinville
29 August 2022
The service was amazing, and the computer quality and package were the highest level!

I could not be happier and more excited to start my new journey with this machine.


Greg Morgan
25 July 2022
Sales support was great. Delivery was fantastic. This is a great machine! Will use Bizon again.


Mark Wilson
11 July 2022
Very happy with the choices made.
So far, so good!


James Perlman
24 June 2022
Awesome experience overall!
The engineers that built this computer are incredibly talented and knowledgeable. Mark in the sales team quickly answered my questions, and Ruben on the technical support team made sure that everything was OK when I received the computer. Cheers, Bizon.

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