Bizon GPU machine

Prabhakar Clement
15 November 2023
Excellent product, good support, and overall it has worked out great for our team.


Mazen Lahham
02 November 2023
Amazing product and customer service!
We had many problems related to transportation but your team helped us and supported us in many ways.

Deep Learning and AI Workstation

Roscoe Ferguson
17 October 2023
This machine is perfect for the AI workload. Glad we made the purchase!


Shawn McCarthy
16 October 2023
The team at Bizon continuously impresses me, from answering all my questions to incorporating changes in the build, and continued support. This is by far the most passionate, talented, and customer-engaged team I have had the privilege to work with.

Even after a beautiful system arrived to specification and every component protected I was up and running my first machine learning model within the hour.

From there I wanted to increase my workflow and wanted to do remote development from my laptop from Visual Studio Code. Ruben took the time that day and recorded a video on step-by-step instructions for starting a docker container, to the packages that you needed in Visual Studio Code, and even so far as to show how to bind the container to the host drive.

This team and company do it right I will be sending all business their way and look forward to their continued success.

Bizon Workstation equipped w/ 2xA5000 GPUs

Ed Laster
12 October 2023
I can't say enough about the support I received from Ruben.

I received my new Bizon workstation yesterday and reached out to them for support on cloning my new machine from my existing PC.

Ruben worked with me most of the afternoon to get ALL the data migrated over. My new workstation looks like a complete clone of the original.

It is amazing!

The data restoration on the new workstation went past 5 pm Florida time and Ruben even gave me his personal cell phone number to call once we were ready to do the final steps. I called him back around 7:30 pm Florida time and he picked up.

He then walked me through the remaining steps to ensure everything worked the way I wanted.

I'm really happy with the new workstation from Bizon.

The whole process from talking w/ the sales team, to ordering, shipping, and technical support was outstanding. It was the key differentiator for why I'll do all my future business w/ Bizon. He is an expert in PC hardware, programming, and deep learning. He also has a calm reassuring manner which makes the whole troubleshooting process so easy.

I would STRONGLY recommend Bizon to anyone looking for a powerful workstation with unrivaled support. Thanks, Ruben!


Seth Neiman
02 October 2023
This machine is my second Bizon machine learning workstation. It is a great machine, well put together, and functions as advertised.

Most importantly, customer support is everything you could ask for..

Responsive, knowledgable, personable, and strong follow through. This is critical, as any ml workstation can be finicky to keep at peak performance.

My original ZX5000 was ordered with 2 A6000 GPUs, and power and cooling to support another 2.

I recently ordered the upgrade for the add'l GPUs. Unfortunately, the new cards arrived with short hoses, and I had to replace them.

Customer support was superior. I returned the GPUs, and received replacement 4 days later. Tech support gave quick, accurate answers to BIOS configuration, cabling, and similar.

If you want to own a machine like this, you need a team that can keep you running. These guys do it ...


02 October 2023
The team was amazing all through the process of selecting what machine I wanted, fast assembly, and quick shipping!

The instruction was well package and switching it on was as pleasurable as I had anticipated.

Thank you BIZON!


26 September 2023
Absolutely brilliant and also clutch. Needed to get back to work . Had the perfect amount of funds in a still somewhat tumultuous shipping and delivery pocket post-holiday.

Everything got in on time with no damage to the product. It only took me about an hour to set up and clone everything over by the end of the weekend that I got it. Kudos! and many thanks!


Rahul Gupta
15 September 2023
It was always a delight to talk to and get help from Ruben. He helped me now, even in his early morning, from an airport.

What a delight. We all love You Ruben. Simply great experience both technical and personal.


Robert Samson
10 September 2023
Excellent machine and great client service with my questions in getting things set up

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