X6000 Dual AMD EPYC 7H12 (128 cores) liquid cooled workstation

Andrew S
17 November 2020
I purchased this system for mathematics research. I am a computational number theorist, so integer performance is my number one concern, followed by the need for massive amounts of fast RAM. With the pandemic forcing me to work at home I wanted a system that was quiet and energy-efficient enough to reasonably install in my home office rather than a server rack.

The AMD EPYC CPUs currently offer the best multi-core performance you can get on a single shared-memory system. I went with two EPYC 7H12 CPUs (128 physical cores) and 1TB of 3200 MHZ RAM (16x64GB DIMMs). I had to ask for the RAM memory speed to be upgraded as a custom configuration (and pay extra for it), since they configure these systems with 2666 MHz RAM by default. I chose liquid cooling because I wanted a system that would be quiet even under a heavy CPU load.

The system shipped a bit later than I was initially told it would (apparently due to an issue with the 3090 GTX GPU I selected), but other than the delay and an inability to log into my account on BIZON website to check its status (the password reset links they sent never worked for me) I have no complaints, the salesperson was quick to respond to my questions and willing to customize my configuration as required.

When the system arrived I was initially concerned by the fan noise, which was much louder than I had expected (well over 50 dB) -- even though the system is liquid cooled it still has fans to prevent heat from building up inside the case. However, when I contacted tech support they were extremely helpful and guided me through the process of adjusting the fan settings through the IPMI interface. Apparently they configure these workstations with the fans set to run at max speed (out of an abundance of caution I guess). Once I set the fan speed back to the standard setting the system was much quieter (under 40 dB) and still perfectly cool: even with all 128 cores fully loaded for hours at a time the CPU temperatures remain just under 50 C (far below the 85 C warning threshold). The liquid cooling option was expensive, but it does exactly what I wanted it to do so I am glad I chose it.

In terms of performance the multi-core Geekbench5 score for this system is 57839 (good enough to currently be listed on the front page), with an integer score of 66663. I'm a bit disappointed that (at least on the Geekbench test suite) the 7H12 chips seem to have no performance advantage over the 7742s, despite costing more and using more power. If I had it to do over again, I would probably get 7742s instead, but I don't blame the X6000 for this, indeed, the Geekbench score I posted is number one among all the 7H12 scores posted on their site (there are currently about a dozen from various manufacturers).

In any case, it is a small difference and I am still quite happy with my purchase. Having a quiet system that stays cool with rock-solid thermals is worth a lot to me.

I should note that I am not currently using the GPU in any serious way and only have 1 installed (the system can accommodate up to 4) -- GPU heavy users reading this review should not jump to any conclusions.


Sean Mauch
04 November 2020
I needed to reinstall Bizon OS after mistakenly upgrading to Ubuntu 20.10. Ruben gave me instructions, reinstalled the Nvidia drivers, and ensured that my workstation is fully functional. Thank you!

Bizon workstation with Titan GPU

Graham Morehead
02 November 2020
Talking with technical support on the phone! They quickly solved my problem!

Bizon Custom Build

Damian Harewood
28 October 2020
I would recommend this company to anyone.
The system is like wow!!!
I am a hard core gamer and i am impressed with the specs.
Would definitely do business with this company again
Absolutely amazing


Aditya Vaishampayan
07 October 2020
Ruben was a very helpful sales rep. He attended to all of my details, gave me time to understand everything, and was really sweet on the call.

I definitely recommend him and appreciate him for his subject knowledge, patience while dealing with the customer.

Bizon x3000

Cornelius M Welch
29 September 2020
Bizon. I have to thank you for the forward-thinking and customer consideration that has been effortlessly shown on Thank you!

Bizon Z9000

Gabriel D.
15 September 2020
We've used our Bizon machine successfully already for two projects and when it came time to upgrade, we initially weren't sure how to best get that done.

When reaching out to the support team, what we got was prompt, accurate support and in no time we were running the latest BizonOS version.

I personally cannot wait to use the new features that Ruben took the time to show me.

So far we are very satisfied!

Bizon X6000 Dual AMD EPYC 7000-Series CPUs

Michael Stobb
11 September 2020
The workstation has successfully arrived and appears to be in fine working order!
Setup was simple and everything appears to be running smoothly. So please tell your engineering staff thanks!

Video Editing & Production Workstation PC

Melvin Graham
03 September 2020
The Video Editing & Production Workstation PC: 6K/8K Video Editing Workstation is an amazing well built CPU. It absolutely takes no time to unbox and get started. Super fast CPU and I'm incredibly happy with the product. I have a film/video post-production company, and BIZON has helped me go to the next level in terms of overall production and time.

100% great quality and superior product.

Bizon V3000

Stephen Simkin
23 August 2020
Great quality! All questions answered.

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