Video Editing

Bizon workstations are purpose built for video editing, enabling you to experience better workflow processes, reduced render times, and to handle the most intensive multi-layer effects.

Powered by the latest hardware

We offer a wide range of options that are purpose-built for video editing. Our customized models use cutting edge technology and are powered by the latest Intel CPUs and NVIDIA Quatro. We also use GTX and RTX GPUs that integrate with Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine. Our V-Series is the ideal Premiere Pro workstation to work with all types of footage, including 1080p, 4K, 6K, H.264, CineForm, RED, and ProRes.

Fully Expandable

Bizon workstations are equipped to easily handle future upgrades, including hardware, storage, and memory upgrades. Our video editing workstations provide support for up to 100 TB of storage with exceptionally fast SSDs or high capacity HDDs. With up to 128GB of high-performance DDR4 memory we offer the best option for creative professionals that need fast and efficient workstations. We also offer RAID as an option if you want extra data

Premium Design, Liquid Cooling, Low Noise Level

At Bizon we dedicate our time to provide you with the best in case design and cable management. We ensure all our workstations have low noise levels and our premium cases include a stylish and practical aluminum finish with tempered glass panels. We make sure your cable management looks perfect and to keep your workstation quiet we use high-level liquid cooling systems instead of cheap and noisy air cooling.

Starting at $2,490
$3,490 Starting at $3,390
Starting at $3,490
Starting at $5,290