BizonBOX 3


External Graphics Card for Mac

Turn your Mac into a powerful workstation.
Up to 10X Boost in games and professional apps

LIMITED SALE! NVIDIA 980Ti $100 OFF! Use coupon "980Ti" on checkout page.

Compatible with: MacBook Pro 2016
Follow compatibility checklist.

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Graphics Card

  • We highly recommend to buy one of our bundles. You will get a completely hassle-free experience and full warranty coverage. The graphics card will be pre-installed in the BizonBOX and will be tested for compatibility and stability with the particular BizonBOX before shipping.
    Installing your own GPU into the BizonBOX requires assembly skills. You may be liable for any damages that occur and will not be covered under our limited warranty.
    If you want to use your own graphics card, please make sure that it is compatible with the BizonBOX. More details »

  • GTX 9xx-Series Note: GTX 10xx-Series requires OS X Sierra 10.12 and higher. If you are using previous OS X versions you are not able to use them.
    GTX 9xx-Series and TITAN X are the only GPUs with OS X El Capitan 10.11 and higher support.
  • GTX 10xx-Series note (macOS only): Current version of NVIDIA drivers for GTX 10xx-Series are just released and may have some issues. Windows drivers are ok. We may expect that NVIDIA will improve mac OS drivers in next months. If you need stable GPU now, we would recommend GTX 9xx-Series as they have stable drivers. This is not a BizonBOX related issue. This applies to any eGPU device on the market.
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Power Supply

NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti, 1080 Ti and TITAN X: 400W Power supply only.
Please note: Each power supply has it's own type of power connector and it's a part of BizonBOX. Power supplies are not backwards compatible. Upgrade from 200W to 400W power supply is not available. Choose 400W power supply if you are not sure what GPU you will use.

How to choose power supply »
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