BIZON workstations provide unparalleled performance for GPU-accelerated Molecular Dynamics simulations, making them the ideal choice for researchers using AMBER, GROMACS, and NAMD software. Our workstations are equipped with the latest NVIDIA GPUs, dramatically speeding up complex simulations and delivering accurate results faster. With BIZON, you get the reliability and power needed to tackle the most demanding scientific computations.

500+ Top Universities Trust BIZON
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Plug and Play

Plug and play setup that takes you from power-on to molecular dynamics in minutes. Optimized for AMBER, GROMACS, and NAMD.

Pre-installed Tools

BIZON workstations come pre-installed with latest version of Ubuntu, a set of frameworks for molecular dynamics.

Technical Support from Engineers

Each BIZON Molecular Dynamics workstation is backed by our lifetime expert care and a warranty of up to 5 years. Our technical support staff is highly knowledgeable in MD frameworks.

Custom Water-Cooling System

Up to 30% lower noise and temperature, longer life-span of components. 100% performance out of the GPUs. No overheating. No thermal throttling. No performance drop.

500+ Universities Trust BIZON

500+ top universities and companies from a wide range of industries trust BIZON's molecular dynamics GPU solutions. Our team of deep learning experts is trained to provide the best purchasing experience for our valued customers. Our Customers »

Wide Range of Configurations Powered by the Latest Hardware

BIZON MD workstations and servers are purposefully built for molecular dynamics. Latest Intel Xeons and AMD EPYC CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs (RTX 4090, 4080, A6000, RTX 6000 Ada, A100, H100).
MD workstations optimized for AMBER, GROMACS, and NAMD

BIZON workstations come pre-installed with molecular dynamics frameworks for every stage of research:

  • Motioncor, CTFFIND/Gctf for data preparation.
  • Relion, CryoSPARC for 2D processing and 3D reconstruction.
  • Scipion, UCSF Chimera for creating PBD outputs and classifications.
  • QwikMD, CHARMM-GUI for structure files and creating a simulation environment.
  • Amber MD, CHARMM, GROMACS, LAMMPS, NAMD, Schrödinger for simulations.
  • Bitplane, VMD for analysis and visualization.

All tested and tuned to work together immediately with no additional setup.

3 Year Warranty

We offer a warranty of up to 5 years for labor & up to 3 years for parts replacement.

Lifetime Technical Support

Our technical support staff is highly knowledgeable in deep learning frameworks.

Advanced Replacement

Should a part go bad, we offer an advanced replacement option to reduce downtime.

Fast Built Times

We offer up to 1-3 days on most models by keeping inventory and maintaining direct connections with distributors.

Fast Shipping

Ships within 1-3 days. Shipping worldwide. Overnight US shipping available.

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