Bizon D1 Certified Coolant (1L) for workstations

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Bizon D1 Certified Coolant (1L) for workstations
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BIZON D1 Certified coolant for BIZON liquid-cooled workstations.

Certified for BIZON Z5000 (4 GPU), ZX5000 (4 GPU), BIZON Z8000 (4 GPU) liquid-cooled workstations.
Do not use with BIZON Z9000, ZX9000 servers or BIZON Z8000 (7 GPU). Use BIZON S1 coolant.

Recommended quantity:
  • 1 bottle for partial refilling.
  • 2 bottles for full refilling the system.

  • Blended with non-toxic corrosion & scale inhibitors for protection of Copper, Brass, Steel, Nickel and Aluminium. Proven to ASTM D3306 and BS6580 standards
  • Very low oral toxicity, less than propylene glycol
  • –15C freezing point (dependant on mix ratio)
  • Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drug Administration as a food additive
  • Mobilizes to prevent scale or sludge filming
  • Boiling Point: up to 100° C (pressure dependent)
  • 85% Bio-degradable Within 30 Days
  • Bitter taste additives to prevent consumption
  • Can be stored for up to 3 years (in a cool dry environment)
  • Made in the UK

Strictly follow BIZON instructions when refilling the system.
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