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Ready-to-ship Now Computers

Ready-to-ship Now Computers
All the systems are in stock and ready to ship.
BIZON recommended workstation computers for a home office, work from home part-time, or a computer for a "stay at home" order during an outbreak. We offer a small form factor and affordable systems for most office tasks and a more powerful full-size desktop for remote workers and freelancers.
  1. Starting at $2,540 In Stock
    Video Editing Workstation
    Recommended Software: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Sony Vegas, DaVinci Resolve.

    • Processor: 8-Core 3.60 GHz Intel Core i7-9700KF (Up to i9-9900KF)
    • Memory: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz Memory (up to 64 GB)
    • Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 2060 SUPER (optional 3 x RTX 2080, 2080 Ti, Titan RTX) or Quadro RTX
    • SSD: 500 GB SATA SSD (Up to 2 TB SSD)
    • Additional HDD: Up to 4 x 12 TB HDD
    • Thunderbolt 3 Support, SATA-3, RAID, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB Type-C, M.2 PCI-E, WiFi, Bluetooth.
    • Cooling: CPU liquid cooling system (optional Custom Liquid Cooling System CPU + GPU)
    • Case: Premium desktop with aluminum finish and tempered glass panel
  2. Starting at $2,890 In Stock
    2x GPU Compact Deep Learning Workstation
    Perfect for beginners.
    Preinstalled TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, Caffe 2, Theano, CUDA, and cuDNN.

    • 10–Core Intel Core i9-9820x 3.30 GHz Intel (up to Intel Core i9-9980XE).
    • CPU liquid cooling system (whisper-quiet)
    • Up to 2 x NVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER, RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti, Titan RTX.
    • DDR4 3200 MHz Memory (up to 256 GB).
    • PCIe SSD and additional HDDs for storage.
  3. Starting at $7,190 $7,090 In Stock
    • Platform
      AMD Ryzen
    • Processor
      AMD RYZEN Threadripper 3nd Gen 39xx (Up to 64 Cores)
    • Memory
      32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz Memory (up to 256 GB)
    • Graphics Card
      4 x NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB (optional 4 x RTX 2080 Ti, Titan RTX)
    • Cooling
      CPU liquid cooling system
    • SSD
      250 GB PCI-e SSD (Up to 7.6 TB SSD)
    • Additional HDD
      Up to 4 x 12 TB HDD
    • Case
      Premium desktop
    • SATA-3, RAID, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB Type-C, M.2 PCI-E, WiFi, Bluetooth.