Apple Genuine SSD 512 GB NVMe Flash Storage Upgrade Kit for MacBook Pro Retina, Mac Pro, iMac Models. MZ-KKW5120 655-1994A

ID: pcie-ssd-512gb-late-2013-2014-2015

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Apple Genuine Part. Brand new SSD. Never been used.

Please note: There are many similar items on eBay with "Used" status. They are pulled from a system but have a similar price.
Due to the nature of SSD, they have limited lifetime. Buying used SSD you never know how long it was in use and you are taking a big risk.

Product Description

Apple’s first removable NVMe SSD. Based on the newer generation Samsung POLARIS NVM Express controller (as an update of the previous UBX controller). Solid state drive for MacBook Pro Retina, Mac Pro & iMac models. The included PCIe 3.0 x4 flash is the same as shipped with some of Apple’s newer MacBook Pro Retina and iMac. 2X times faster than OWC 1.0TB Aura SSD
Condition: New
Brand: Samsung
Drive Capacity: 512GB
Interface: PCI-E
Model number: Samsung MZ-KKW5120 (Twice as fast as the previous generation SSUBX (PCIe 2.0 x4), or four times as fast as the earlier generation SSUAX (PCIe 2.0 x2))
Read 3100MB/s, Write 1400MB/s
TRIM Support: Yes
OS X Boot Camp Support: Yes


- MacBook Pro Retina 15’’ A1398

- iMac 21.5’’ A1418

- iMac 27’’ A1419

- iMac Late 2013 and after models

- MacPro 6.1 Late 2013.

Check the compatibility of your system before you buy.


– Full technical support. We can guide you how to clone your old SSD to a new one and answer other questions.
– Special discounts on 2+ pcs.

*May receive Samsung, Sandisk, or Toshiba brand SSD. All three brands are 100% compatible with each other.

Weight 0.5000
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