What is BizonOS?

BizonOS is our customized image based on the latest Ubuntu 18.04 operating system, preinstalled GPU-accelerated frameworks for AI (Z-Stack), NVIDIA drivers and tools that are optimized and tested on BIZON workstations and servers.
In addition, it provides preinstalled Bizon applications including GPU benchmarks, GPU monitoring tools, GPU optimization and overclocking. Bizon App will save you up to 10X more time on the most popular operations! BIZON customers get access to video courses and technical support provided by engineers.
We minimize the hassle of migration from Windows to Ubuntu.

With bizonstackOS you can launch nvidia-docker container, visualize the data on that container with Jupiter and train just with one line of code. Thanks to our bizonhelp tool, increase productivity by limiting available GPUs for developers so they can work on different projects at the same time on the same machine.

Our goal is to provide a set of tools for deep learning development. We believe that simplicity is what stands out BizonOS from others.
BizonOS are fully compatible with every BIZON workstations or server.

What challenges does BizonOS address?

Compiling, deploying DL frameworks and optimizing AI software is time-consuming and requires expertise.
BizonOS preinstalled on Bizon deep learning workstations solve these challenges with GPU-optimized software and tools that data scientists, developers, IT and users can leverage so they can focus on building their solutions.

Most companies selling hardware have very basic knowledge of how the software works and how to optimize it. Our developers and technical support staff are highly knowledgeable in deep learning frameworks and Linux/Ubuntu administration.

What frameworks are in the Bizon Z-Stack?

Bizon Z-Stack includes deep learning software: Tensorflow, Torch/PyTorch, Keras, Caffe 2.0 Caffe-nv, Theano, CUDA and cuDNN.
All tested and tuned to work together immediately with no additional setup.

Where can I run the BizonOS?

BizonOS tested to run on BIZON workstations and servers only. BizonOS preinstalled on every BIZON deep learning workstation and server.
You can not deploy/copy BizonOS to other systems from different vendors.

How often are the BizonOS updated?

The most popular deep learning software such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet are updated monthly by our engineers to optimize the complete software stack and get the most from your NVIDIA GPUs.

Can I buy BizonOS and install on the PC boght from another vendor?

No, we do not sell BizonOS.
BizonOS is for BIZON customers only.

What kind of support does BIZON offer for BizonOS?

Our technical support staff is highly knowledgeable in deep learning frameworks and Linux/Ubuntu administration.