BizonBOX EX (Internal Display Acceleration Activator; Mac OS X)

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BizonBOX EX (Internal Display Acceleration Activator; Mac OS X)
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BizonBOX EX allows you to use external graphics card in macOS/OS X without connecting external monitor.
It's a small dongle for those who do not want to run applications on an external monitor and prefer using MacBook internal display.
Compatible with macOS Sierra and Windows 10 on Boot Camp.

More details:
BizonBOX EX allows you to bypass limitations of macOS/OS X of getting acceleration when using external graphics card to external monitor use only.
To take advantage of acceleration in OS X, you do not need to connect the graphics card within the BizonBOX to an external monitor.
Applications Exception:
Most video editing/3D rendering/creative applications provide you the option to select GPU acceleration within the application’s preferences.
These applications do not require an external monitor or this activator to take advantage of GPU acceleration. No matter your hardware configuration/setup.

Technical requirements:
– Compatible Mac.
– macOS Sierra 10.12.1 or Windows 10 on Boot Camp
– Beta versions are not supported.

KIT Includes:
– BizonBOX EX (HDMI dongle for external graphics card)
– User guide
Weight 0.1000
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